Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Whole New Definition

I was thinking about the word 'soulmate' today. I don't know why, sometimes stuff just pops into my head. I was home alone, there was quiet time to think, you do the math. It's one of those words that I have believed in the past to be grossly misused. Everybody, it seems, is looking for his soulmate. The person who will march into your life and magically change it for the better. The only reason why your life isn't the picturesque masterpiece that you desire is because you haven't yet met your soulmate.

I wondered: does a soulmate have to be someone with whom you have a romantic connection? Does it have to be your spouse or life partner? If you believe in multiple incarnations of the soul, as I do, I submit that the answer is no.

Think about reincarnation for a minute. Energy never dies, it only changes form. That means that because you are pure energy, when your body dies, your soul lives on and may manifest into some other living phenomenon. Consider also, that the people you know and/or love and/or hate now are the same souls that you've encountered in all your other lives. You run in the same circles, if you will.

If all that is true, doesn't it stand to reason that your soulmate could be any of your treasured souls? For instance, if my husband is my soulmate, I may have been his best friend in another lifetime. Or his favorite teacher that he adored for years, or his brother with whom he was very close. Maybe he's not my soulmate at all. Maybe my soulmate is my youngest son over whom I'm so fiercely protective or my sister to whom I'm so close, we joke about being the same person. If a soulmate is truly your soul's mate, he is with you through all your incarnations, probably in different capacities.

I don't think of my soulmate as someone with whom I'm meant to spend my whole life, but rather the soul with whom I share all my lives.

I know I'm weird. I make no apologies for that. I am who I am.

But you know what this means don't you? You no longer have to bang your head against a wall wondering where your soulmate is and what, pray tell, is taking him so damned long. You no longer have to despair that you will never meet the "right" person for you. You have already met him. Time and time again. When you meet him in this lifetime, your soul will recognize his soul; your energy will be in tune with his energy.

Because you already know him. You already love him and he already loves you. You are connected by something far greater than you can even begin to understand on this earthly plane. And the best part is, you always will be.

Stop wasting every ounce of your energy and focus on sending fear into the universe. You may already know your soulmate in this life, but you're so busy looking outside of yourself for happiness that you're ignoring the blessings right under your nose. Send out love out into the world. Send out openness. Let God know that your are ready to accept the powerful blessings of love that are rightfully yours.

One day when you least expect it, your soulmate will walk through the door.

Or maybe, just maybe, you will carry him next to your heart for nine months before birthing him into another manifestation of his life.  

Tell me what you think. Do you believe you already know your soulmate? Is he/she who you thought it would be?

Until next week,
Feed on love, subsist on peace.


  1. A clairvoyant told my mom that she, my sister, and I have gone around and around throughout our lives playing different roles, and that in the spirit world she just said, "I want to be the mom this time." Sometimes we've also been best friends, and even lovers (which is kind of creepy, but only Earth-creepy, I guess.

    Not sure if I believe it all, but it's interesting.

  2. Bagel- That just goes to show you that you are far more than the body you inhabit.

  3. makes as much sense as living in a nirvana, or heaven...

    none of it really makes sense, to me.

    i feel there is more than just this life...

    not sure where i sit with the soulmate thing tho' cuz i am definitely not married to my SM....

  4. i spent some time early last year researching the concept of twin flames (because i'd believed i'd found mine). the idea is that we have multiple soul mates and one twin flame, and that you and your twin flame are only "together" in your first and last lives, and the time in between is spent gathering experiences to share with each other.
    it's believed that when you meet this person, in any of your lives, the connection is obvious through the lack of doubt, but that doesn't necessarily mean you will be in a "relationship" with them in that lifetime (as was the case with me and my apparent, which did not upset me. i was just glad to have something to call that "feeling").
    i haven't read anything before about whether or not believers in "twin flames" think that person is with you in some important way in every life, like you suggest (cool idea, btw), but you've brought to mind part of a movie called "I <3 Huckabees" . . .
    anyway, i think i'm babbling. i could probably talk about this all day long, but i'm sure there are better things for you to be reading. ^_^

  5. You always put such complex things into a perfect, neat little package! I love it!
    I do believe in soul mates, and I also feel that we have way more than one, we just need to open ourselves up a little more and realize why we are drawn to certain people that we may not normally consider as friends, significant others, etc.

  6. bruce- there is way more than what we see everyday.

    Lovkyne- I'll have to do some research myself on twin flames. Thanks for the info.

    Rancher- That's an interesting take on it as well. I love the idea of more than one soulmate.

  7. I'd tell you what I believe, but you just explained it with spectacular eloquence.

    Well said.

    I think this is also why it's hard for me to believe in that ONE perfect partner. Thinking of all the special connections, relationships, friendships and encounters in this lifetime and multiplying that by several more makes the concept of one seem puritanical and silly.

  8. Annabelle- I feel the exact same way.


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