Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Day Dawns...Again

Guess what, faithful readers? I'm on vacation! God, in His infinite wisdom, saw fit to give me the time and resources to get away from the daily stresses of life and spend time with my family. Thank You, God! I guess the fact that my family is causing me most of the stress is neither here nor there. I'm still grateful.

To that end, this week's post is actually a repost of one of my favorites. It's about being present for your loved ones as well as yourself. I think it's quite fitting, don't you?

Next week I'll be back with all my love, compassion, and wit. Until then, hold the fort down for me, will you? And enjoy this repost. It's a good one. I promise.

Sometimes I dread getting up in the morning. I do. I lie there for close to an hour (sometimes longer) daydreaming and giving myself an excuse to stay in the bed. I'm not in a panic over all the things I have to do in the little time I have to do them or apprehensive about the challenges the day might bring. I'm regretting some mistake I made yesterday, or two weeks ago for that matter, that's still tugging away at my sanity. Or I'm kicking myself for something I didn't do that I was supposed to do and I had more than enough time to do, but for some reason didn't get done.

It weighs on my psyche and replays in my mind until I make a conscious decision to let it go. I let it go. What good does it do me to dwell on something that happened yesterday? If I sulk about not running the track, does that then go back in time and change the fact that, instead of running I was harvesting crops on Farmville? Of course not. If my actions NOW can't change the outcome of THEN, why does it matter?

The truth is, it doesn't. It no longer matters because THEN no longer exists. The past only exists in your mind. Do you realize that? The only thing that brings the past to life is your memory of it. Take a moment and let that seep in.  

What's important is NOW. Right now, this moment that we're experiencing in the present. If we get hung up on the past, we can't be our best selves in the present. They call it "hung up" for a reason: you're stuck there, just hanging around waiting for the past to somehow be different.

Be present in your own life. Be present to enjoy your loved ones. Be present to appreciate the beautiful sunset that happens every evening. When you say "I love you", be present to really feel the love you express. Make a decision to not only show up for those you care about, but to show up for yourself.

Now that you've let go of the past, or at least decided to try, understand that each day is a second chance. Every single day that you open your eyes, you've been granted a second chance. So if there is something you regret from yesterday, today is a new opportunity to get it right this time. And so is tomorrow. And the day day after that. I'm so grateful for new beginnings.

So whenever you begin to beat yourself up over something you coulda, shoulda, woulda done, stop, take a deep breath, open your eyes to the brand new day and thank God for your second chance.

Until next week...

Feed on love; subsist on peace.

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