Monday, July 12, 2010

You Never Walk Alone

Today I would like to share something very personal and close to my heart: my poetry. I don't usually share my poetry because the only time I write it is when I'm in pain. There are few things more inherently personal than pain. I'm sharing it because I've come to a point where I realize that: 1) others can benefit from seeing my victories over past hurts, 2) it's okay to be vulnerable and 3) there is always someone who is going through the exact same thing. Even when I feel my worst, somebody identifies with my suffering. I'm not alone.

I'd like to preface the posting by warning you that my poetry is raw and it pulls no punches. After all, I wrote it for my eyes only. This particular poem isn't shocking or offensive, but I may see fit to share some of those in the future as well.

i love you
in the moment
from time to time
i don't mind
our incompatibility
they say that opposites attract
your yang to my yin
your sin to my sin
your vodka to my gin
your excess to my lack
my nightmare is your dream come true
you look a little confused, boo
don't you know who I am?
it's me
the center of your world
it's me
the one who makes your toes curl
muscles tighten
eyes roll to the back of your head
i'm the one
who makes and
breaks your bed
and that's not even my best room

i hate you
in the moment
from woman to man
i can't stand
our incompatibility
i don't talk and you don't listen
you lose, i win
when i sin, you sin
just like that?
what are we missing?
you don't know how to love me
you say
i say
you did fine yesterday
what the hell happened
to today?
i'm still me
maybe i have changed
a little
reassessed my game
a little
stopped placing blame
just a little
my vision is sharper
hard to believe, but
still true
i'm a different person
a brighter star
a better me
and you, boo
you're still you.

I know there is someone out there who has felt the feelings that this poem conveys. You may even be feeling them right now. Please know that you are not alone.

Until next time...

Feed on love; subsist on peace.



  2. That was nice and very well put together. The rocky relationship im in fits this so well

  3. Thanks, ladies! I was very nervous about sharing something so personal. I woke up this morning with that poem on my mind to share. I couldn't even remember the name of the poem, but I remembered the feelings of it. I think that was a sign from God.

  4. Thanks, Weezy! I appreciate the love!


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