Monday, June 14, 2010

Even Better Than You Think

Today I was reading the City Paper (I adore the City Paper) as I do every week. I'm not a big believer in horoscopes, but I do like to read it just for fun sometimes. A smile crept slowly across my face as Rob Brezny, author of the Free Will Astrology column informed me that the changes I'm in the process of making this year are "potentially so dramatic that you will, in a sense, be inhabiting a new astrological sign by January 2011." I'm going to be a whole new person in less than a year's time. Nice.

What struck me about his column was not all the awesome changes that he quite authoritatively stated I would experience, but the "homework" he assigned to his readers: "Imagine yourself gazing into the eyes of the person you were 10 years ago. What do you want to say to him or her?" I had to catch my breath for a minute. The very thought of being able to "forewarn" my younger self gave me goosebumps. What would I say to my 28-year-old self? Well...let's find out.

You are good enough just the way you are. You may not be a perfect human being, but you are absolutely the perfect Shawna McCoy. You deserve love and respect and kindness. You deserve peace. But the only way you will find true love, happiness and peace is from within yourself. No one can make you happy, but you. People, possessions, and other things outside of yourself may give you cause for happiness, but true happiness comes from within. Stop looking for others to make you happy; that's your job. Each person is responsible for making the most of his/her life. Don't put that burden on others because you're responsible for you.

"In a few years you will find yourself repeating this mantra, "I'm better than I think I am." It will surprise you to realize how much you second-guess yourself. Let's start repeating that mantra now to remind you that your intuition has never failed you. Intuition is the voice of God. You will tell your children that often in the future, but I think that's a good thing for you to learn now.

"All the anger and bitterness that is clouding your heart and mind right now will no longer hold you back. You will not be afraid to be vulnerable in order to protect your heart from pain. You will be loving and affectionate. You will be patient and kind. You'll even be funny sometimes. You will be all the things that you pray to God every night to one day be.  It is a wonderful feeling to not live your life in fear and I want you to know that you will know that feeling.

"Please try not to be so hard on yourself. You are doing the best you can. And it is good enough. I love you. I REALLY LOVE YOU. Exactly the way you are."

So, what would you tell your younger self? Reply to this blog to let us know or go to and click "email Rob" and let him know. It was his idea after all.

Until next week...feed on love; subsist on peace.



  1. Nice!!! I would warn my younger self of all the people that would use and abuse me in the near future. Continue my education and never let another human being be-little you and make you feel worthless. Stay positive and strong and over come any hurdle that may come your way.

    Thanks Shawna and Rob for giving me a better feeling about my self and ways to live a better future:)

  2. Omg, this was so touching for me...I am now going through a phase, that I know I will soon get over, but this just helped me so much...I feel like I really need to talk to myself, the past and the present to say are doing a good job...keep up the good work, you don't have to be perfect,God made you the way He wanted you. I am so glad you started this blog. I think it will help many people find themselves as well as to search deeper into someone else who may be going through...thanks

  3. You are so welcome! It fills my heart to know that this blog, MY blog, is helping others. That's all I wanted it to do. It's awesome to achieve a goal! Next up: get 1000 followers. I know I can do it!

  4. If I could go back and speak to my 24 year old self, I would say that a few years from now you will receive valuable information that could change your entire life for the good, PAY close attention! If I would have known what I know today yesterday I would be living in New York, Atlanta, Los Angles, or some other well-known place for writers, directors, producers, because I would have the confidence I have now and by the time I reached NOW, I would be 'out of sight'!

    But, I am learning and everyday I'm getting closer and closer to my highest potential and soon my LIFE will begin....


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